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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Angel Sponsors Of St. Joseph School

How would you like 30,000 people to see your logo every day?

That’s how many cars pass daily by the sponsor banner on the school backstop at the intersection of Lake and Ridge in Wilmette.)

The various organizations within the St. Joseph Community have consolidated their fund raising efforts for the benefit of our sponsors. Instead of several different development committees approaching your business for a donation, they have assembled a unified program called the Angel Plan. The Angel Plan offers a one-stop shop. By joining the Angel Plan and committing to be a sponsor of St. Joseph, you will receive maximum exposure at multiple fund-raising events and even better, no one else will call on your business asking for donations during 2008. There is a wide range of exposure opportunities throughout 2008. Choose your level of support and then pick various opportunities according to your level. Each box lists one opportunity. One event may offer several possibilities per level. The higher your level of support, the bigger your exposure. We have a lot to offer and we appreciate your support!

Blessed Pick 3 listed in Silver Column

Cherub Pick 4 Silver + 1 Gold

Saint Pick 5 Silver + 3 Gold

Angel Pick 5 Silver + 4 Gold + 2 Platinum
$8,000 - $9,999

Archangel Pick 6 Silver + 5 Gold + 4 Platinum

Custom Let our Team create a year long custom activation for your
$15,000+ business

If you have an interest in becoming a St. Joseph School Angel Plan Sponsor please contact Mair Hill at:

Mair Hill
Wilmette Illinois
(847) 251-8626
mair at mairhill dot com